FSCM Biller Direct - Pro Evolution Edition

With ecomize on board we solved our issues and handicap very quickly and were able to produce an impressive implementation beyond our original expectations Manish Maheshwari (London Hydro, Program Manager)

In an increasingly competitive web dominated market, requirements for today’s web based applications far exceed those expected when the Biller Direct & UCES product was first conceived.

Today’s web applications must compete in a market where technology savvy customers demand visually stimulating, content driven applications that support multi-channel access from the myriad of web enabled devices they use to organize and run their day-to-day lives.

This presents the modern business with a significant challenge. It is no longer sufficient to just rollout ready-to-use out of the box B2B/B2C solutions, replacing the odd logo and tweaking the style sheet appearance.

Equally, refocusing efforts to respond to the requirements of an increasingly demanding customer base must be done within the context of today’s challenging global economy; businesses need to seek out solutions that allow them to leverage investments in existing infrastructure and technology without significantly increasing their TCO, yet still retaining their competitive advantage.

As a special expertise implementation partner, ecomize AG has been responsible for numerous implementations of SAP Biller Direct and UCES, which has put us in a unique position to understand the complexities involved in satisfying the many and varied customer requirements, using the standard product.

The Pro Evolution edition represents the next logical step for the Biller Direct & UCES application platform and is based on the extensive implementation experience garnered over the many implementations in which we were involved.

The solution offers a proven approach to solving the limitations of the standard applications including a major re-work of the frontend, enabling customers to deliver against their requirements whilst still leveraging their investment in the existing SAP infrastructure.

Our approach when developing the Pro Evolution edition has been to provide a framework which moves away from the traditional project based implementing paradigm, instead embracing a concept of continued development and enhancement focused on reusing the expertise of previous implementations.

This has proved to be a fresh attitude towards traditional project based SAP consulting which has enabled us to differentiate our solution for our competitors, in which we have striven to improve the efficiency of new feature development, increase the overall flexibility of the product and to enable the fastest possible implementation path for our customers.

The Pro Evolution edition is therefore not a new product; it represents the accumulation of many years knowledge and expertise gained in implementing SAP Biller Direct / UCES solutions for many and varied customers.

State of the art Front-end Technologies

The overhead for completing changes to bring in line the application with corporate brand / customer identity, including the optimization of existing screens and frontend processes therefore presents a significant challenge to achieve within a reasonable and cost effective time frame.

Pro Evolution was, therefore, conceived to address these issues, provide a seamlessly integrated application, that is highly focused on user experience and usability yet leverages the existing investment in application architecture and infrastructure of the Biller Direct / UCES platform, providing tight integration to backend SAP processes related to ERP and CRM.

Our version is a lot more than just a fancy frontend and catchy titles, in addition to all the standard functionality available, the Pro Evolution edition incorporates many other innovative functionalities including.

Web Content Management Integration.
Most of the requirements for the frontend are common and generally relatively simple to achieve, yet the majority of the time used for implementation will be allocated handling the necessary data and environment changes. From our experience, the functionality or the business processes behind a self-service application is not changing so often; the content of the webpage and information material however does. Rather than integrating individual content fragments at fixed locations within SAP, we decided to do the more logical step and hence enabled a feature to integrated the functionality of the Biller Direct / UCES application into a familiar web content management system.

Using a Web-CMS allows us to directly retrieve following elements
  • Web-Page Content (Newsflash, Articles, Images, etc.)
  • Webpage Template
  • Stylesheets
  • Scripts
The Web-CMS integration is not a must have and can be optional considered. All layouts related content can be directly bundled with the application, if no CMS system is available.

Advanced Analytic Functionalities
We offer you a set of integrated analytic functionalities to provide you a better insight into the current system status without the need of an Business Data Warehouse. Our functionality is assisting you to understand your customer and gives you as example more details & visual representations of registrations, active & passive accounts and more.

HTML5 & Mobile Device Support
Just within U.S. over 90% of the population aged 13 and over uses mobile devices. By 2014, it is estimated that 1 billion smart-phones will be sold worldwide.

It’s time to offer a mobile-optimized version of your website, and consider what solution you could use or create to better engage with your customers.

Pro Evolution is more as just a self-service application, it can render screens optimized for mobile devices or it operates directly as secure middleware for mobile applications for either native  or HTML5 based apps. Our approach is based on open standards like JSON, Ajax, jQuery Mobile to keep the barriers to involve your own resources as low as possible.

Fully Automated Processes
Key processes like logon, registration and technical support have been completely reworked to maximize the automation, security and quality of data using improved authorization, validation and authentication processes. As less manual intervention is required by the customer & technical support, as less costs the operator has to face by parallel increasing the customer service through a 24/7 online service.

Business Object Layer Integration
With Pro Evolution you can take advantage of an Business Object Layer (BOL) integration, that improves the separation of front-end rendering and backend processes. Using the BOL integration builds the foundation of our strategy to easily replace individual parts of the business process flow without being forced to rewrite a majority of the functionality.

Are you planning to use the SAP Web-Channel Experience Management (WCEM) system in the future? The BOL layer integration is compatible with WCEM and guarantees a easy migration of custom developments with the upcoming integration to the SAP Web-Channel Experience Management solution.

"ecomize" Support Package
Quality is important to us and we are constantly focused in providing the best possible products and services. Our quality assurance process is guaranteeing that every functionality of Pro Evolution is operating to the full satisfaction of our customers. Quality is so important to us, that we give a guarantee about the promised services, which includes all SAP standard functionality. So if you find any functionality, that should have worked - but isn't, especially within the SAP standard application, then we immediately provide you a cost free support to solve the issue even long after we have finished the implementation.

Why Pro Evolution?

Our passion improving SAP solutions for our customers has become our mission. The Pro Evolution Version causing no extra license-costs and builds the foundation to deliver a fully customized solution adjusted to your personal needs. Contact us for a detailed explanation how we made it possible to combine the strategies of cheaper, faster, more flexibility with an increased business & customer satisfaction!

Who We Are?

Ecomize is focused since 2004 on SAP CRM and Web-Channel. Since 2008 we took advantage of our web-channel experience to provide special expertise for SAP Biller Direct & UCES to guarantee a successful and satisfying implementation for our customers. 
Note: No additional licence cost applies in addition to your existing SAP licences

Packaged Services

We offer a comprehensive range of pre-defined services in a quick and efficient manner to lower your financial risk. The benefit for you is that these services are delivered on a fixed-price basis so you are not exposed to any of the risk of a project over-running. Our packaged services are designed to address basic delivery of technical services, which can be upgraded through a number of additional modules.