Utilities Customer E-Service - Pro Evolution Edition

We are living in a Self-Service generation and everything is about the customer - Me. Everywhere we go, it's about "Me" - My News, My Account, My Profile, My Life. It's is all about taking advantage of the online services to bring value to your customers. The original targets to automate customer service and dramatically lower the business cost are still the case, but no more the main motivation to maintain a state of the art self-service portal. Web 2.0 - The world went online and with it the business.

Easy to use, high usability and all the information just a fingertip away has become state of the art, but most Utility focused Customer Self-Service solutions have just started to learned from the leading Internet sites.

Traditional “competition” rules have changed. You are competing with the leading Internet sites when it comes to online usability and functionality - not anymore just with your direct competition. If your solution is not Web 2.0 ready, your customers will not adopt your solution and provide the expected user acceptance.

How does Web 2.0 affect our solution design?

  • Everything essential just a fingertip away
  • A consistent, integrated look and feel across the web presence
  • Simplified access to utility functionality and information - put user-benefit before company-benefit 
  • Thin clients, light programming - lower the prerequisite barrier to access your online service through various channels
  • Provide printer-friendly screens
  • Enable well-considered (push-) notifications services
  • Protection of customer sensitive data

Web 2.0 is more about culture than technology. It implies that a corporation has to give up its natural tendency to levelling of differences and lack of transparency.

The Pro Evolution edition of the SAP UCES Self-Service solutions ist best poised for this new Web 2.0 connectivity revolution and enables a online service optimized for utility companies. 



Smart Meter & Time-Of-Use Rate Support
Smart meters are going to replace all traditional meters and accurate meter reads are no more taken just every few month, which does effect the technical requirements to all systems involved. 35'040 meter reads per meter every year in a 15-minutes interval is proving a detailed consumption-profile about individual customers, but also a technical challenge.

Pro Evolution supports smart meters scenarios and is capable to either retrieve data from SAP directly or a third party system to enable
  • Display of meter reads
  • Consumption Charts (Monthly, Daily, Hourly)
  • Time-Of-Use rate optimized visualizations  
  • Load-Shifting tool
  • TOU-Rate details on-screen
  • and more
Advanced Interactive Visualization
Pro Evolution is taking advantage about cutting-edge technologies to visualize environmental information and utility related data. Using technologies like Ajax, HTML5 or Adobe Flash is enabling not just only interactive charts, where customer can interact to get the desired visualization of specific data. Invoices, payment history, meter reads, consumption history and more; we have optimized all screens, where data is displayed, filtered or selected to provide a intuitive behaviour.

Education Functionality
Tools like our load-shifting tool is assisting customers to better understand the effects of using TOU-rates and the possibility to save energy by shifting their consumption.  But, the education concept is included in every part, where data is displayed. As better visualization of data streams is enabled as better the customer is capable to see directly the potential reasons of too high utility bills.

Customer Service Agent Logon / Logon on-Behalf
One major benefit for the customer service is the new functionality to logon in behalf to be able to see exactly the same screen as a customer would see using his logon. This provides new possibilities to be able to support especially key clients using the online services, if they experience difficulties.

Contract Account Specific Bill Filters
You have multiple contract accounts and like to see, which cost are related to each contract account? If you have several contract accounts and hundreds of invoices, this might become a challenge. Pro Evolution for Utilities has introduced new functionalities to allow you to display the account status of specific contract accounts or just like the SAP standard the summarized transactions of all accounts together.

IS-U Optimized Screens
All standard functionalities have been enriched with additional utility specific details to increase the usability, which becomes quite handy if you like to see directly in a list of options which contract is for water, energy, gas services or using TOU rates & smart meters. Or why not hiding either the supply or distributions contracts, if such separation is just because of internal purposes and does confuse the end-client.

Utilities Services for Mobile Device
Mobility has become a part of our life, independent if you are the end-client or the service technician. End-clients like to see their bills, account status and consumption details directly on their mobile device. Service technicians need access to their service tickets including all related details. In our new Web 2.0 world, the service technicians also gets more and more involved into the role of the customer service and even sales. Customers do expect, that any employee of the utility company on site can answer all questions related to their account and premise. Why not letting the customer know, that his last bill is due and directly ask him, if there is any complication? Why not raising new tickets on site, so that a customer service agent is calling back the client? Everything just one fingertip away!

Pro Evolution is prepared for those scenarios and provides you the best foundation to enable mobility requirements. A lean solution - No need implements cost expensive environments like SyBase, if the advantages of those are actually not used.

Web Channel Experience Management
Our roots to the SAP Web-Channel has let us to the idea to merge the functionality of CRM e-commerce, e-service and e-marketing with the new SAP Web-Channel Experience Management (WCEM), which becomes especially interesting for global players. Pro Evolution does share concepts and lays the foundation for our optional integration to SAP's new web channel portal flagship.

Who We Are?

Ecomize is focused since 2004 on SAP CRM and Web-Channel. Since 2008 we took advantage of our web-channel experience to provide special expertise for SAP UCES to guarantee a successful and satisfying implementation for our customers.

Why Pro Evolution?

Our passion improving SAP solutions for our customers has become our mission. The Pro Evolution Version causing no extra licence-costs and builds the foundation to deliver a fully customized solution adjusted to your personal needs. Contact us for a detailed explanation how we made it possible to combine the strategies of cheaper, faster, more flexibility with an increased business & customer satisfaction!

Packaged Services

We offer a comprehensive range of pre-defined services in a quick and efficient manner to lower your financial risk. The benefit for you is that these services are delivered on a fixed-price basis so you are not exposed to any of the risk of a project over-running. Our packaged services are designed to address basic delivery of technical services, which can be upgraded through a number of additional modules.