Buy-­Side Mode

Within the Buy-Side mode third party suppliers are able to upload and manage invoices to the company. Either individual or mass upload of invoices is supported, which result in FI- or MM-invoices in the ERP system. Processed documents are automatically linked to FI-AP documents.

Call Center Mode

Using the Call Center mode is enabling the standard mode for customer service representatives to display the Biller Direct application as sub-component of the call center application including extra functionality.

Biller Direct

Strengthen your customer relationship and lay the groundwork for building new relationships in a tighter market.

SAP Biller Direct is the combination of E-Billing, E-Payment and E-Service processes. Together with Credit Dispute and Collections a component of SAP Receivables Management, which itself is part of SAP Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM) to provide functions as Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) solution to customers and business partners.

Web-based billing is empowering customers who want a digital relationship and stimulation real-time collaboration. Those customers who are small to midsize businesses themselves have learned new approaches that have led to their own productivity gains. They enhanced margins, decreased interest expenses and financial fees, and gained efficiencies from streamlined business processes and paper-reduction initiatives.

SAP Biller Direct enables real-time integration between the SAP backend system and the Internet without any data redundancies. Users are able to see, created and modify data. To better control modification on critical parts within the SAP backend, master data changes can be encapsulated using Internet Service Requests (ISR) tickets - in other words, nothing will be applied until an employee as reviewed and approved those change requests.

Supported Business Processes / Features
Biller Direct is able to handle processes related to FI-AR, FI-CA and FI-AP as well as the master data linked to the customer / business partner. Included is the seamless integration to all FSCM processes like SAP Cash & Liquidity Management, Collections and SAP Dispute Management.


  • Display Open Bills, Credits and Line Items
  • Display Invoice History
  • Switch between Paperless Billing (Online) and Paper Bill (Mail)
  • Receive E-mail, SMS, Mail notifications
  • Download Bills as PDF, XML, Etc.
  • Upload Bills (FI-AP / Payer Direct Mode)
  • Raise Complains Against Specific Bills
  • Due / Over-Due Notifications
  • View / Revise Budget Billing Plan
  • Setup / Revise Payment Plan


  • Pay bills online using Credits, Credit Card, Debit Card or Direct Debit (Bank Account)
  • Payments Against Individual Debits Or Balance
  • Cash Payment Notifications
  • Partial Payments Support
  • Withdraw Unprocessed Payments
  • Display Payment History
  • Creation of Payment Advices
  • Create & Display Promise to Pay


  • Display Balances and Line Items
  • Balance Confirmation


  • Maintain Business Partner / FI-Customer Address
  • Maintain Contact Details (Email, Phone, Fax, URL)
  • Approval Process For Modifications By Customers (on demand)
  • Contact History & Contact Form

Additional Features

  • Credit / Debit Management Integration
  • Dispute & Case Management Integration
  • Collections Management Integration
  • Bank Communication Integration
Portal Integration or Standalone

Biller Direct can be either enabled as Standalone application or integrated directly in SAP's Enterprise Portal environment or applications like the Call Centre front-end.

Web User Management

Web-Users accounts can have one or more references to customer or business partners, hence Web-Users are maintained independent from any business data. In an environment with various web-application, web-user details are required to be access by various SAP and Non-SAP applications. Supported are therefore SAP specific environments like NetWaver ABAP and Java (UME) based user databases as well as LDAP compatible systems.

Additional supported is a SAP CRM integration to retrieve users and data references from the Customer Relationship Management system as well as a flexible mechanism to enable a custom integration using alternative systems.

Activity Analysis

Activities of users can be processes within the Business Warehouse to provide various reports like
  • Event Log Analysis
  • Peak Analysis
  • Top N User
  • Event Log Analysis

One installation to serve multiple back-end systems

Biller Direct is designed to enable web-service functionalities for various back-end systems at the same time using the same Web-User. Web-Users can logon and switch between various business partners / customers, where each record can be stored in different backend systems.

Logging Activities

Activities of Web-users like displaying bills, logon and registrations are recorded within the SAP backend system. Those data can be used to identify the acceptance of provided e-services and also the confidence, that a customer has seen specific information (e.g. Bills).

Paperless-Billing (e-billing)
Key functionality of Biller Direct is the presentment of invoices to the customer as soon as those become available through the print workbench process. Invoices can either be retrieved from a print archive or generated on fly. Supported are various formats, which includes HTML based formats, PDF documents and additional formats like raw data or xml to directly download & import those into any other application.

Customer Notifications
Users are able to request or revoke notification services about various activities within a requested frequency (e.g. instantly, weekly, monthly). This includes the notification about new available bills and credits by Email or even SMS.

Payment Methods

Supported are payments using Bank, Credit or Debit Cards. Furthermore it is possible to maintain promise to pay and notifications about performed payments by cash / cheque. If the user has chosen to save payment details, those details are stored within an encrypted environment and masked on displayed to prevent frauds.


Electronic delivery and reception using the internet and customer or supplier portals

Display of bills, invoices, payments and credits

Presentation of account information via internet

Initiate payments, receive invoice and payment status information

Who We Are?

Ecomize is focused since 2004 on SAP CRM and Web-Channel. Since 2008 we took advantage of our web-channel experience to provide special expertise for SAP Biller Direct & UCES to guarantee a successful and satisfying implementation for our customers.

What We Do?

You understand your business; we know the technology. We take care about the complete technical implementation or we leverage the investment of your existing implementation to meet your individual needs.

Why does Cashflow matter

In today's business almost all business processes are optimized to the optimum, but does it count for every process?

Order 4 - 7 days Today
Delivery 14 - 21 days Next day
Invoice 4 - 7 days Same day
Payments 45 - 60 days 45 - 60+ days

Customers, who are paying bills on bill receipt are not so common as they most businesses are hoping. Most of the customer do delay payments to the very last day, but to the very disadvantage of the business owner.

Every single day counts - With 500 million of revenue, a one day reduction in DSO can generate up to 1.4 million additional cashflow! With a reduction from 90 to 83 days, 9.8 millions will be saved every year.

Using Biller Direct is reducing your DSOs and improves your Cash Flow as you maintain a closer relationship to your customers. Your customer gets instantly informed about new available & due bills and can interact with your IT services. Promote your payment service within Biller Direct to authorize automatic debit and receive the compensation for your services in the shortest period of time.

Packaged Services

We offer a comprehensive range of pre-defined services in a quick and efficient manner to lower your financial risk. The benefit for you is that these services are delivered on a fixed-price basis so you are not exposed to any of the risk of a project over-running. Our packaged services are designed to address basic delivery of technical services, which can be upgraded through a number of additional modules.


Improve Your Services

  • Present bills electronically
  • Enable business partners to process bills online
  • Simplify reconciliation
  • Enable business partners to edit master data online
  • Increase visibility for all parties involved
  • Access bills from anywhere
  • Full integration ensures accurate data
  • Increased transparancy

Business Benefits

  • Lower cost of billing without printing and postal charges
  • Efficient processing of payments and exceptions
  • Improved liquidity planning through precise cash management
  • Fewer accounting and settlement errors
  • Decreased DSOs