Utilities Customer E-Service (UCES)

The combination of e-billing and e-service for utilities has become SAP's IS-U flagship for Customer Self-Service; often referred as Internet Self-Service.

UCES is an extension of the e-billing and e-payment application (EBPP) SAP Biller Direct and provides front-end functionality to different user groups

Targeted Audiences / Scenarios

  • End-Client (B2C)
  • Business Partners (B2B)
  • Payer Direct
  • Collections & Customer Service Agents

Offer your customer, your business partner or employees the tools the need to manage bills and payments anywhere and to get access to fully automated services.



The online service solution can adapt to your personal needs by enabling, restricting, enhancing or disabling features for any common user scenarios. Offer specific functionalities depending on the user group such as companies, customers, third party collection or customer service agents.


  • Switch between Paperless Billing (Online) and Paper Bill (Mail)
  • Receive E-mail, SMS, Mail notifications
  • Download Bills as PDF, XML, Etc.
  • Upload Bills (Payer Direct Mode)
  • Raise Complains Against Specific Bills
  • Due / Over-Due Notifications
  • View / Revise Budget Billing Plan
  • Setup / Revise Payment Plan


  • Pay bills online using Credits, Credit Card, Debit Card or Direct Debit (Bank Account)
  • Payments Against Individual Debits Or Balance
  • Cash Payment Notifications
  • Partial Payments Support
  • Withdraw Unprocessed Payments
  • Payment History


  • Maintain Business Partner / FI-Customer Address
  • Maintain Contact Details (Email, Phone, Fax, URL)
  • Approval Process For Modifications By Customers (on demand)
  • Contact History & Contact Form

e-service for Utilities

  • Half- or Fully-automated Online Move-In, Move-Out, Move-Within
  • Enter Meter Readings Online
  • Accept Anonymous provided Meter Readings (without logon)
  • Accept Anonymous Move-In Requests (without logon)
  • Meter Reading History
  • Meter Reading Schedule
  • Consumption Chart
  • Contract Account & Contract Details
  • Premise And Technical Device Details

Additional Features

  • Credit / Debit Management Integration
  • Dispute & Case Management Integration
  • Collections Management Integration
  • Bank Communication Integration

IS-U Contract Account Details
Provide your customer at any time a full transparent insight into his contract details. This includes

  • Contract Account Details
  • Contract & Rate Details
  • Technical Details to Premise, Device and Installation
  • Meter Reading Schedule By Contract
  • Meter Reading History By Contract
  • Consumption By Contract
Consumption Details
Within the application you can provide access to the consumption history to customers. A visual chart representation is providing an easiest possible way to understand consumption details and indicate energy, gas or water leaks.

Move-In, Move-Out, Move-Within

Move-In/Out/Within processes are provided as fully or semi-automated automated processes. Customers can sign-up or sign-out for utilities services within your services area, whilst all provided information is validated instantly to ensure accurate details in your ERP backend.

Take Meter Reads

Still operating regular meters? Service technicians are expensive and do not frequently read the actual meter status, hence meter reads by utilities service providers are often just estimated. UCES allows customers to provide their meter reads online to indentify early inaccurate estimated meter reads to the user. An included validation process insures, that a customer is not providing by purpose wrong details. As additional benefit to the utilities company, those customer meter reads can be used as basis to provide better calculations for future estimations, which improves the customer satisfaction.

Payment Plan
It's happening, that customers might run into issues to pay their (final) bill. With Payment Plans your can arrange with your customer a realistic payment strategy. Within UCES you can setup or revise for payment plans to perform payments in instalments.

Budget Billing Plan (BBP)
The consumption of utilities services can vary very much depending on the seasonal conditions. BBP distributes your changes fairly evenly over 11 months, making it easier to budget monthly expenses. Within UCES customers can view their current Budget Billing Plan details and revise it at any time, if required.

Interim Billing
An interim billing order can be created within UCES for the specified date. As result billing and invoicing are simulated for this interim billing order and the system displays the result. In addition to displaying an overview of the amounts, you can also display the bill as a PDF file.

Rate Comparison
The rate comparison functionality allows customers to perform a cost simulation for a specific rate. The simulation is based on the customers current installations, whilst the meter reads are manually entered by customer.

Who We Are?

Ecomize is focused since 2004 on SAP CRM and Web-Channel. Since 2008 we provide special expertise for SAP Biller Direct & UCES to guarantee a successful and satisfying implementation.

What We Do?

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Companies often stay in conflict with the challenge to provide the best possible service to the customer and as well as keeping the cost under control, that's where SAP's solution steps in.

UCES allows transforming your customer service into a fully automated 24/7 service. Customers do not have to face the wait loop of your call centre as they get access to a more detailed insight into their online account.

Interactions between customers and service agents are expensive, because you have to operate an expensive customer service centre. UCES is not only reducing the required interactions with customer service agent by automating processes, it also improves the interactions to provide a faster and more reliable service. Nothing gets lost - Any customer interaction and service request is directly visible within your SAP system and gets processed immediately by the responsible person.


  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Lower Billing Cost And Resource Demands
  • Receive Payments Faster
  • Decreased Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

Packaged Services

We offer a comprehensive range of pre-defined services in a quick and efficient manner to lower your financial risk. The benefit for you is that these services are delivered on a fixed-price basis so you are not exposed to any of the risk of a project over-running. Our packaged services are designed to address basic delivery of technical services, which can be upgraded through a number of additional modules.