SAP Web Channel Experience Management

Strengthen Parallel to the traditional SAP CRM Web-Channel solution SAP is offering the new solution Web Channel Experience Management (WCEM). SAP WCEM allows you to build web-shops to turn the web into a profitable sales, service and interaction channel. Included is a full range of e-marketing, e-commerce and e-service functions to provide services to your customer by either using the CRM or ERP as leading backend system.

The new product is based on a modular concept end enables customer to replace, enhance or even add new functionalities easily. No more barriers - there is no more a clear separation between various scenarios like B2B, BOB and B2C as the customer has the freedom to build is own web application based on the various available modules. Just a few clicks and the system is forcing you to logon before being able to access the online catalog. Few more clicks and your online catalog is offering a basket and checkout process to become a fully operational web-shop.

E-Business / E-Commerce


Order Management

  • Store the baskets in memory (B2C) for high transactions or as order object in the backend (B2B)
  • Choose between various types of shopping chard layouts and features
  • Quick order using product number or material number
  • Product determination for alternative (newer) products (CRM only)
  • Break-Down of the order price
  • Strike-Through pricing for promotional pricing i.e. campaigns (CRM only)
  • Support for Free Goods
  • Availability Check
  • Search & Display Status of Sales Orders
  • Order Confirmation By e-mail
  • Price Analysis - See detailed price details & conditions
  • Wish Lists - Create & Store personal wish lists
  • Gift Cards - Purchase & Use gift cards (CRM only)
  • In-Store Pickup (CRM only)
  • Store Availability Check (CRM only)


  • Single-Page or customizable Step By Step Checkout
  • Checkout Profile - Save and use multiple checkout profiles to simplify the checkout process for the next order
  • One-Click Checkout - Direct order on click
  • Multiple Payment Methods Supported (Invoice, Credit Cards, Gift Cards, Cash On Delivery, others)
  • Checkout as guest user - No registration required
  • Credit Limit Check

Marketing and Personalization

  • Customer Specific Prices
  • Product Recommendation - various scenarios supported
  • e-Mail Campaigns
  • Sales Of Accessories
  • Cross-Selling
  • Up-Selling (CRM Only)
  • Promotion Support - Receive & Enter e.g. coupon codes or vouchers (CRM only)
  • Product Recommendations (CRM Only)
  • Newsletter Subscription (CRM Only)

Loyalty Management

  • Register For Loyalty Membership
  • See Membership Details
  • Product Catalog Integration - See Points in catalog
  • Point Redemption - Use Points on checkout
  • Earn Points after order

Product Catalog

  • Product Catalog Management (MDM or Trex based)
  • Product Search
  • Product Availability Information (Rough Stock Indicator)
  • Remaining Quantity Indicator (Real-Time)
  • Various Presentation Layouts e.g. Block or List-Style
  • Various Navigation Options e.g. Area, Category or Combined
  • Product Ratings and Review
  • Store Locator - for products


  • Track Order Status
  • Live Assistances (Chat)

CRM Only

  • Frequently asked Questions through Knowledge Management (KM) integration
  • Solution Search - KM Portal
  • Creation of Trouble-Tickets
  • Service Request - Request a service, create appointment and track the current status
  • Information Request - Request product information
  • Complaints And Returns Management integration
  • Service Contract Management integration - Request services related to contracts
  • Installed Base Management integration
E-Billing & E-Balance

Display, Download or Manage Invoices & Payments

FSCM Biller Direct

Integration with FSCM Biller Direct is available on a project basis. The integration will provide customers with online access to account information including invoices, payments, contracts and billing status. Many features are provided including the ability for customers to initiate online payments of invoices, display a complete history of their account including dispute management integration.


Web-Channel Analytics - The possibility to collect technical data to evaluate them in the Business Warehouse (BW) as reports

Online Community Integration

CRM Only

  • Community Forum integration
  • Create or View Product Ratings & Reviews
Industry Specific Solution

Trade (CRM Only)

The feature provides the ability for an Internet user to select and purchase products (variants of a generic article) based on product characteristics such as color, size and style. Internet Users can browse generic articles in the product catalog (i.e. a Shirt), use graphical pushbuttons or dropdown lists to select characteristic values (i.e. Small, Medium, or Large) on the product details page, add the selected product (generic article variant) to the shopping chart and create the order.

Product images are determined based on one defined characteristic, for example color. If the Internet users selects the value "blue", the system automatically changes the product image to display a blue shirt.

Utilities (IS-U)

ecomize AG is offering on a project basis the integration of Utilities specific functionality as additional modules to display contract account details, meter reads, consumption details and invoices. For more details review our Pro Evolution Edition of Utilities Customer E-Service (UCES)

Technology & Architecture
The SAP Web Channel Experience Management solution was developed using HTML functionaliy that is compatible with all common browsers. WCEM is based on SAP NetWeaver 7.3+ and is based on the

Standard technologies

  • Java Server Faces (JSF)
  • Java 1.6
  • Ajax
  • CSS
  • HTML

Supported Browser Features

  • Bookmark Support
  • Frameless Design
  • Browser Back, Browser Forward and Browser Refresh
  • Multiple Browser Windows or Tabs using same Session
  • RTL Language Support

Simple Customizing

  • Web-Channel Builder - Define time dependent shop configuration include role dependent approval process
  • Skins and Themes - Customers can create their own themes or skins to alter the UI to support their corporate image
  • Modular Configuration - Combine any functionality to create your individual application
  • Dynamic Field Control - Disable / Enable individual fields for e.g. forms
  • Staging, Previewing and Versioning - maintain & active follow-up shop configurations time dependent

User Management

  • Self-Registration - Online Registration to automatically or semi-automatically create user accounts
  • Logon - Various Logon scenarios supported
  • Creation of users within SAP, LDAP or Java (UME)
  • Role-Based Authorizations Support

Third Party Interfaces

  • Interface for the integration of Web Content Management Systems (WCMA / Web CMS) for web content (banner, advertisement, ..) into various content areas dynamic based on current context.
  • Integration of custom WCEM modules


  • Pricing using ERP Pricing-Engine
  • Pricing using IPC (CRM or ERP)

Who We Are?

Ecomize is focused since 2004 on SAP CRM processes and the integration of SAP CRM Web-Channel. Our team is the optimized assemble of senior technical and functional senior experts for CRM and Web-Channel

What We Do?

You understand your business; we know the technology. We take care about the complete technical implementation or we leverage the investment of your existing implementation to meet your individual needs.

Packaged Services

We offer a comprehensive range of pre-defined services in a quick and efficient manner to lower your financial risk. The benefit for you is that these services are delivered on a fixed-price basis so you are not exposed to any of the risk of a project over-running. Our packaged services are designed to address basic delivery of technical services, which can be upgraded through a number of additional modules.